Dr. Cooper,

When I got the letter saying you were leaving I knew I had to write you a note. I want to thank you for making a scary situation ok for me.

A year ago December I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 49. After losing my mom to breast cancer at age 53 I knew what I needed to do. So on April 1, 2013 I had a double mastectomy by Dr. Martin and implants put in by you on the same day! To wake up after the surgery and have implants already in place was truly a miracle. You helped in more ways then you’ll know to make a really bad situation really ok!!

I just needed to thank you and wish you well and much happiness in your new chapter of life.

I will forever by grateful that I had Dr. Martin and you to do my surgery. I feel great and look “normal” also!!

Good luck and thank you. – S.M.